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How To Avoid a Tummy Tuck: A Public Service Announcement From Providence Plastic Surgery

No, this is not some hustle for a new cream with magical and resurrection-like powers that will tighten your jungle pouch.  You can find one example of that here:  Like underwear, once the elastic goes, it has to be trashed.  The same holds true for post-pregnancy abdominal skin.  If it is uber loose, the only fix is a tummy …

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To Be or Not To Be … Frozen

So many patients come in for the first time for Botox treatment and express their concern about not wanting to look “fake” or “frozen”. It is always a good topic for conversation. When getting treated with Botox or Dysport for unwanted wrinkles, the goal should be to soften the appearance of these wrinkles. You should still be able to animate and …

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Skincare & Tupperware

I was born in 1968 and thus old enough to remember Tupperware and Tupperware parties. While taken for granted today, Earl Tupper’s patented plastic containers with their airtight seal revolutionized food storage. More importantly, Tupperware pioneered the use of “direct marketing” memorialized by the “Tupperware party.” The concept was simple. Invite friends, family, and neighbors …

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Brazilian buttlifting (BBL) or fat grafting of the buttocks is one of my most commonly performed procedures. Ten years ago, it was not the case: boobs were in. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and social media, butts have captured people’s attention. BBL is thus one of the fastest growing segments of plastic surgery. It is a …

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Star Trek & Liposuction

We have all watched Star Trek.  It was a wonderfully cheezy sci fi treat to watch as a kid.  Do you remember Dr McCoy, the on-board physician?  He had this hand held device he would pull out and pass over patient’s bodies to diagnose their ailments. It was called the tricorder.  It was goofy at the …

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Life is Sacred

I consider myself a photographer.  I learned the craft from my father and have been taking photographs since the summer of 1987.  In my 47 years on this earth, never has a photograph gripped me like this one.  I could not stop looking at it.  I was left without words.  All I could do was …

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