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Breast augmentation

30 year old who wanted her breasts to better match the rest of her body.  She had full B-cup breasts and wanted to be a D-cup.  This was achieved using a 400 cc moderate plus Mentor gel implant placed sub-muscularly via an inframmamary fold incision.  She is now a full D-cup.  Post-operative pictures were taken …

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Brazilian buttock lift

30 year old desired trunk rejuvenation and buttock enhancement including better projection.  This was achieved using 360 liposuction of the abdomen, hips and back along with fat grafting of the buttocks.  The Wells Johnson system was used to gently and atraumatically place 800 cc of fat in each buttock.  After images were taken at 6 …

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Brazilian Buttock Lift

36 year old mother of one who developed increased adiposity and deflation of her buttocks along with abdominal skin laxity.  This was remedied using 360 liposuction and fat grafting of the buttocks using the Wells Johnson system (She declined an abdominoplasty).  375 cc was injected into the left side and 3560 cc on the right. …

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32 year old who underwent a Brazilian buttock lift to reverse some of the body changes incurred by pregnancy and with age.  Using Moller power assisted liposuction and the Wells Johnson auto-infuser system, 650 cc of fat was micro-grafted into the left buttock and 600 cc was injected into the right.  The after photos are …

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52 year old woman with long pendulous breasts who desired rejuvenation in the form of a breast lift.  Rather than a skin only lift which does not improve projection and lacks durability, a vertical pedicle lift and small reduction was performed in which a small wedge of tissue is removed below the nipple.  The resulting …

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Fit and healthy mother of three who underwent a subfacial breast augmentation in 2017 by another plastic surgeon.  Her implants quickly bottomed out leading to a “rock in a sock” deformity.  This was corrected using a superior pedicle technique which excises lower breast tissue that is then sutured together to better cone the breast and …

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Mommy makeover

40 year old woman who underwent a complete mommy makeover after two children which included a first stage tummy tuck followed by a second stage BBL and breast lift.  The result is a much younger and rejuvenated physique.

Superior pedicle breast lift

A beautiful mother of two underwent a mommy makeover which included a breast lift and reduction to relieve symptoms of macromastia and improve her breast aesthetics.  She underwent a superior pedicle breast lift and reduction.  This involves removing a triangular wedge of tissue below the nipple and suturing the newly created pillars together to improve …

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Mastopexy augmentation

39 year old mother of two who underwent a mastopexy augmentation with a 250 cc saline Mentor implant and superior pedicle, circumvertical (aka lollypop) skin pattern.  The vertical pedicle technique creates better coning of the breast and better longevity than a skin only pattern.  She is 6 weeks post-procedure in the after images.


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