Hourglass Figure -BBL+TT

The hourglass body is the most popular female body shape right now, but also has stood the test of time. Women desire to have smooth curves, wider hips, and a smaller waist. Only a small percentage of women get the hourglass body naturally, thankfully renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Gear can expertly combine Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck to create the perfect hourglass shape. The hourglass figure -BBL+TT surgery is one of the most demanded plastic surgery procedures in the Carolinas.

Top 5 Things to know about Hourglass Figure -BBL+TT

Hourglass Figure -BBL+TT surgery combines Tummy Tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift

Financing monthly payments as low as $527

Back to work after 2 weeks

Pricing starts at $15,000

BMI is 30 or below

Hourglass Figure -BBL+TT Before and After



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