Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

September 15, 2022

beautiful girl with magnificent breasts chic.

beautiful girl with magnificent breasts chic.Women with overly large breasts may suffer from many impacts on their daily life. From back and shoulder pain to irritations from clothing and even limitations of physical activity and exercise, overly large breasts can have a negative impact on your life.

At Providence Plastic Surgery, the team will work with you to address your specific issue and with a breast reduction surgery procedure designed specifically for you, eliminate issues common with overly large breasts.

Sleep more comfortably. By reducing the size of your breasts to what is more proportional to your body, you will be able to move more freely in bed to find a more comfortable position, if needed. This will also create a secondary benefit of improving your body’s immunity and strength.

The procedure itself is relatively short. The procedure will generally take between 2 and 4 hours, and with a progressive recovery plan, you should be back to full and unrestricted activity within 6 weeks. Despite this time, there are many benefits to breast reduction surgery.

More clothing options. Women with disproportionately large breasts may have difficulty finding clothes that fit their chest while not looking overly loose around their waist. A breast reduction can help make your entire body look more proportional and open up more clothing and fashion options.

Alleviate back and shoulder pain. While the size of your breasts will be reduced, Dr. Gear’s focus is on reduction of the weight instead of just size. The procedure will reduce the weight exerted on your shoulders and back.

If you want to hear more about breast reduction surgery or to get started on achieving your aesthetic goals, contact Dr. Gear and the team at Providence Plastic Surgery and Skin Center in Charlotte, NC, at 704-771-1747 or visit to schedule a consultation today.