Breast Implant Revision

Top 5 Things to know about Breast Implant Revision

Starting at $7000

Implant options include USA made saline, silicone or hybrid implants

BMI 35 or below

Financing monthly payments as low as $246

Recovery Time 6 weeks Able to work after 1 week

There are several reasons why a woman chooses implant revision:

Displeased Cosmetic Results

A woman might not be happy with her surgical outcome and requests a breast implant correction. Or its time to swap out older implants for newer ones.

Capsular Contracture

This complication can occur when tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant starts to tighten and constrict. Thus creating a hardened breast that feels and looks unnatural.

Implant Deflation or Rupture

Implant rupture is not very common but can occur. In these cases implant removal and replacement is necessary for overall breast health and care.

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