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The first concierge plastic surgeon & medspa in the Carolinas.
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About Dr. Gear

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

About Dr. Gear

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery located in Charlotte, NC
As one of the top plastic surgeons in the East Coast, Dr. Gear has the experience, natural touch, and latest procedures to help you fulfill your aesthetic goals and desires. He has been revered as a breast and body contouring expert using state of the art and tried and true techniques to maximize patient outcomes and experiences. Bringing two decades of experience Dr. Gear leads the aesthetic team at Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center including two master level injectors, four medical estheticians, and a CoolSculpting master. The award winning team guides patients between options for surgical cosmetic procedures and incredible, non-invasive medical spa treatments, so that there is a life-changing procedure for absolutely everyone.

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The people of Providence have a passion for excellence in aesthetics.

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From the Desk of Dr. Gear

Over the past 5 to 10 years, the popularity of fat grafting of the buttocks, also known as Brazilian buttlift, has soared. This can be attributed, in a large part, to the influence of Kim Kardashian and, to a lesser extent, the growing impact of Latin American culture. Within the realm of plastic surgery, BBL
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“Biohacking” is a popular concept these days in the self-care industry. The idea is very sexy and simple: apply methods (diet, supplements, exercise, mind/body work, etc.) to tweak your internal biology to optimize health and well-being.  A lot of the focus of biohacking can be found in the realm of anti-aging and counteracting the toxic byproducts
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Optimizing your plastic surgery results is very important. Just as there are principles that I abide by as a plastic surgeon to optimize safety and produce long lasting and aesthetically pleasing results, there are things you as the patient need to be aware of. It is a two-way street. Many of the principles below apply to
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Men and women spend hours throughout their lifetime shaving, plucking, and waxing away unwanted body hair. It can appear almost anywhere, and unwanted hair can also be embarrassing. Whether it’s back hair, you want a smooth chest, or you are tired of shaving your legs, laser hair removal can give you smooth, hair-free skin. What is
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