CoolSculpting Chin: Will It Work For Double Chin?

May 16, 2024

CoolSculpting Double Chin Treatment

For those of you that may be struggling with double chin and are looking for a solution, you may have come across coolsculpting. In a world where appearance is always a big deal, many men and women prefer to have a slimmer chin and neck. CoolSculpting’s non-invasive fat reduction treatment has become a popular solution to address stubborn fat beneath the chin. Here we will explore its effectiveness, benefits, and considerations in depth to enable you to make an informed decision.

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a method of fat removal where the fat cells are frozen. This essentially blocks blood and oxygen from reaching the cells, this ensures that they’re killed off.

Sometimes referred to as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting’s main focus is to cool selectively fat cells for removal from submental fat, more commonly referred to as double chin. FDA-cleared for treating submental fat, this innovative technology safely targets fat cells without harming nearby tissues – offering an attractive non-surgical alternative with minimal downtime and no incisions for individuals seeking subtle yet noticeable improvements to their facial contour.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® technology is truly ground-breaking, it selectively targets and freezes fat cells, this allows it to naturally be eliminated from the body over time. Since it’s able to target the exact fat cells accurately, the treatment ensures the surrounding skin and tissues remain untouched, that’s what makes it a safe and effective solution for double chin reduction.

Let’s take a closer look at the core points:

  • Core Technology: At the heart of CoolSculpting® is the patented cryolipolysis technology, a tried-and-tested method using controlled cooling to target and disable fat cells beneath the skin without affecting the neighboring tissues.
  • Targeted Cooling: This technology is engineered to deliver controlled cooling specifically to the areas requiring fat reduction, ensuring safety and effectiveness in reducing double chin appearance.
  • Natural Elimination: Post-treatment, the frozen fat cells embark on a natural elimination process and are gradually expelled from the body in the ensuing weeks and months.
  • Visible Reduction: This process culminates in a noticeable reduction of the fat layer, revealing a more refined chin contour over time.
  • Clinically Affirmed: The effectiveness and safety of CoolSculpting® have been substantiated through multiple clinical studies, solidifying its standing as a reliable and non-invasive solution for double chin reduction.
  • Subtle Transformation: The journey from the initial freezing of fat cells to their natural elimination is a subtle process, making CoolSculpting® a sought-after choice for those desiring a non-surgical approach to double chin reduction.


CoolSculpting’s scientific foundation in cryolipolysis, combined with its precise targeting and proven results, makes it a compelling choice for those looking to address a double chin non-invasively.

Is CoolSculpting® Used To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

Yes, CoolSculpting® can get rid of unwanted fat that causes double chin.

When treating double chin fat with CoolSculpting®, an applicator is placed beneath the chin to deliver controlled cooling to the chin area. Patients will likely feel coldness and a little pressure as fat cells are frozen. Over the weeks to follow, their bodies naturally process and expel these crystallized fat cells, this is what gives patients a defined jawline while diminishing the double chin appearance. Depending on your unique goals and treatment plans, you may need additional sessions to achieve the best results possible.

This process doesn’t require surgery, this is a non- invasive treatment. When it comes to tightening and toning areas around the body where there is a small makeup of fat cells that will not reduce in size, CoolSculpting® is one of the best methods to consider.

Before And After CoolSculpting

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting® is not an immediate fix for double chin. It does take time. This is due to the fact that it takes time for the fat cells to freeze and die. Fat cells that are frozen won’t receive blood and oxygen, eventually killing the unwanted cells. 

Once the fat cells are dead, it can take weeks/months for the dead cells to detach from the area that was treated. Since double chin is a small area of the body, you might not begin to see results for several weeks, and complete results may not occur for several months.

Sometimes not all the targeted fat cells die off. The body is extremely resilient and, if certain cells were not fully exposed to the freezing (often because other fat cells were in the way) these fat cells may recover. In these instances, it is necessary to treat the area again. You should expect at the very least two CoolSculpting® treatments, although there may be more. It’s impossible to know exactly how your body might react to the initial CoolSculpting® Charlotte, NC, so after a single session it will be easier to determine whether you need just one more treatment, or if it will take multiple treatment sessions to correct the double chin and give you the kind of firm contour you’d like around the neck and under your face.

Does CoolSculpting® Work For Double Chin?

Yes, it can work for double chin. However, as we’ve been discussing in this article, it’s not a quick solution. Plus, there’s a few other things you need to know before we recommend scheduling a CoolSculpting® session.

Before you do anything else, right now is a great time to start making healthy lifestyle and diet choices If you’re not making healthy lifestyle choices, the results from this treatment won’t last. When you were born, you had the same amount of fat cells as you have today. Fat cells expand and contract based on stored energy (calories) your body does not use. So while using a procedure such as CoolSculpting® will help you eliminate fat cells under your chin, it does not alter how you bring in calories. That’s why we encourage you to make that change today if you’re planning to get CoolSculpting® in our Charlotte office.

If you still have excess calories your body will still store it in fat cells. So even though the fat cells causing a double chin have been removed, it does not mean the double chin look can’t come back. Now, it may mean the excess calorie storage takes place somewhere else on the body, or it might return under the chin.

Clinical studies and real-world experiences have illustrated the effectiveness of CoolSculpting® treatments in reducing submental fat and improving the appearance of double chins. There’s a lot of good research out there all of you can review if you wish.

Many of our CoolSculpting® patients have reported seeing noticeable reductions in chin thickness, as well as a more defined neckline after treatment with CoolSculpting®. Getting back to the heart of this article, can CoolSculpting® help with double chin? While CoolSculpting may target and eliminate fat cells effectively, individual factors like skin elasticity and overall health could impact the results of your CoolSculpting® sessions. 

What does that mean? Well, this is why we’re telling you, “you have to make changes if you want to keep the end results of your CoolSculpting® session. If you don’t maintain an active lifestyle through diet and exercise, the results from your CoolSculpting treatment are not going to be the best that it can be. In fact, if you don’t change, you may get back to a double chin and I know you don’t want that. 

How to Speed Up CoolSculpting Results

Is it possible to speed up my CoolSculpting® results? While the CoolSculpting® process takes time to work, there are lifestyle changes that support better and possibly faster results. That my friend is by living a healthier lifestyle, exercise and eating healthy. If you can focus on these in the weeks and months ahead, you can speed up the CoolSculpting® results.

  • Healthy Active Lifestyle: Engaging in regular exercise can enhance both your health and posture, although it may not directly lead to weight loss. Strength training and various other forms of physical activity can also rev up your metabolism. Additionally, aerobic exercise can enhance circulation and blood flow, crucial for maintaining a healthy heart. As you shed excess fat, you might notice improved muscle tone. After undergoing CoolSculpting®, it’s advisable to allow for a few days of rest. Nonetheless, sticking to your exercise routine will further amplify your results.
  • Focus On Your Diet: Your diet and lifestyle are vital to maintaining your results. Eat healthy to support your results coolsculpting stomach and lose extra fat. Focus on fresh, vitamin- and mineral-rich produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats such as those found in salmon and avocados. Portion control is also important if you want to lose weight. Focus on a healthy diet if you want to see the CoolSculpting® results. This is a great time to change any bad eating habits so that you can get the best results from your CoolSculpting®.
  • Make Sure You Stay Hydrated: Another way you can enhance your CoolSculpting results is by making sure you stay hydrated. Drinking water is not only important for hydration, it’s also important for processing and releasing fat. Your body uses urine to remove excess in your body. Drinking water is healthy, but drinking too much water can be dangerous and may affect your electrolyte balance.


Benefits of CoolSculpting® for Double Chin

There’s a number of CoolSculpting® benefits you should be aware of. One of the biggest advantages of CoolSculpting® is that it’s a non-invasive treatment, this means you don’t need surgery versus having to get plastic surgery. CoolSculpting® treatment takes place in-office so patients can return back to daily activities soon after. That means you’re taking less risks such as scarring or anesthesia complications that exist with surgical options. Thanks to its proven record of safety and efficacy, CoolSculpting® continues to become increasingly popular as an approach to facial rejuvenation.

Get The CoolSculpting® Consultation

CoolSculpting® is typically well received, yet specific medical conditions or contraindications might render the procedure unsuitable for certain individuals. Consequently, it’s crucial for potential candidates to undergo a thorough consultation with a seasoned provider to determine eligibility and address expectations. Throughout these consultations, your provider will evaluate aesthetic objectives, medical background, and anatomical factors to craft a personalized treatment strategy that suits your needs precisely.

Other Treatments to Remove Double Chin

You can remove your double chin through a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures depending on the goals you have, individual preferences, and your current scenario. There are many options, including Kybella, CoolSculpting®, submental liposuction, and a facelift. 

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center specializes in both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures to help you reduce double chin.

Submental Liposuction

Submental liposuction is a good option for patients looking for an individualized treatment.The liposuction procedure can be done with either local anesthesia or with a numbing injection. Some patients may also take an oral relaxation medication.

Your doctor will numb the area and then create a small skin incision beneath the chin. He or she will be able to use a suction device to remove excess fat. Once the procedure is finished, the incision will be closed using sutures. These are removed approximately one week later.

For optimal and natural results, we offer our patients customized liposuction plans. These may include the removal of fat from the neck as well as the jawline. Submental liposuction is often combined with other procedures and treatments that help to sculpt the jawline.

The treatment takes between one and two hours. Recovery time is about one to two weeks. Side effects can include swelling, bruising, and itching near the site of the incision. As this is a surgical process, patients must also be on the lookout for signs of infection including fever, abnormal bleeding, or drainage.

Lower Face and Neck Lift

Reducing fat around the face can be a challenge. Some treatments can effectively reduce excess fat around the neck and submental area, other treatments just aren’t as effective. Patients with a double chin and bothersome neck skin will likely not achieve the desired results without a more complex procedure. Lower face and neck lifting may be an alternative for patients who want to remove both submental fat as well as excess neck skin.

A lower face lift or neck lift can tighten and remove unwanted skin from the lower face. The end result usually leaves you with a more youthful look. This type of facelift is also referred to as a weekend neck lift, mini-facelift, or S lift. The reason many women and men go for this procedure is because the recovery time is short. It’s performed under local and general anesthesia and takes a little longer than a week. This procedure is for those of you that want a permanent solution to your double chin, also for those that want to remove excess skin around the neck and lower facial area.

CoolSculpting® Treatment In Charlotte NC

There’s a reason why more women and men are using CoolSculpting®, it offers a secure, non-surgical remedy for diminishing submental fat and enhancing the look of double chins.

With its cutting-edge technology and demonstrated effectiveness, CoolSculpting® continues to grow to be at the forefront of aesthetic advancements, offering patients a dependable approach to refining facial contours. If you’re considering incorporating CoolSculpting® into your journey toward a double chin transformation, click here to schedule your consultation now. While you’re at your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about all the options you have to reach your end goal.

Body contouring is a great solution for eliminating fat from targeted body regions. It may be exactly what you need to add firmness and definition to your chin and neck area.  

No matter if CoolSculpting is for you or not, Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center ensures you’re fully informed about all available options, including whether CoolSculpting is a suitable choice for you. Simply reach out and schedule your initial consultation to explore your possibilities.