Benefits of Chemical Peels

August 15, 2022

lady short bob hairstyle enjoy rejuvenation spa with soft silky facial skin eyes closed

lady short bob hairstyle enjoy rejuvenation spa with soft silky facial skin eyes closedLiterally, younger and smoother skin is hidden underneath your skin. If you can only peel off the damaged skin, you can reveal healthier and younger-looking skin. A chemical peel is an exfoliating solution used on the face and hands to reveal the clear skin underneath. One of the main reasons chemical peel is a preferred treatment is because it helps treat various skin complications.

At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, the chemical peel procedure varies depending on the specific chosen peel. However, the experienced team of professionals that attend to you will ensure you get exceptional personalized services tailored to your aesthetic needs.

Some of the perks of chemical peels include:

Minimizes Pores

Most people raise concerns over large pores as they can be unsightly, especially when spread out throughout the face. A chemical peel procedure done at Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center can remove the upper damaged skin leaving pores looking smaller.

Treats Acne

A chemical peel can also treat acne. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, revealing a soft, smooth layer of skin free from acne. Dr. Andrew Gear and his team of experienced surgeons can customize the chemical peel to suit your skin’s condition.

Removes Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and lines on the skin can leave you looking old and tired. These can leave you afraid and hesitant to enjoy life. Peels can come to your rescue here since they can permanently erase the lines and tough wrinkles.

Fades Discoloration

Moreover, chemical peels can help you achieve a more vibrant, confident, and beautiful look. It fades discoloration for good.

Smooths Skin

Peels are also known to help smoothen your skin. It lifts the rigid skin layers from your neck, hands, or face, leaving you with gorgeous skin.

At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, your aesthetic desires are a major concern. Plastic surgery and skin care experts will do their best to provide chemical peels that help you achieve the good-looking skin you strongly desire.

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