3 Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Lifts

July 15, 2022

Close up of breast of attractive woman presenting her black bra.

Close up of breast of attractive woman presenting her black bra.As women age, the shape and size of their breasts change. This happens for many reasons, including pregnancy, heredity or simply aging. To bring back a more youthful appearance to your breasts, there are several options available. One procedure that has become very popular, now performed twice as often as breast implants, is breast lift surgery.

Although the overall goal is similar, achieving the look you want, breast lift surgery varies from breast augmentation and reduction. It does change the shape and tightness of the breast tissue. However, it will not dramatically change the size or roundness. Despite this, it still is worth considering as an option for achieving a youthful and firm look to your breasts.

It can be combined with other procedures. Breast lift surgery can make a significant difference to the appearance of your breasts. However, since it does not affect the overall size, combining it with breast augmentation or reduction can help achieve the exact look you want.

It can create a more natural appearance than other procedures. Although advancements in plastic surgery have allowed for more natural-looking breasts after augmentation, the significant change in size and tightness of the skin can still look artificial. A breast lift on the other hand proportionally changes the position of your breasts, while maintaining roughly the same size. This helps to great a younger look while still keeping a natural appearance.

Breast lift surgery allows for a more specific look. Since breast lift surgery is not removing or add any shape to size to the breast, you and your doctor can develop an aesthetic goal specific to your body. Rather than a firm and completely round implant, or a reduction that decreases volume, a breast lift can change the position of your breast to achieve the exact look you are after.

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