To Be or Not To Be … Frozen

January 24, 2020

So many patients come in for the first time for Botox treatment and express their concern about not wanting to look “fake” or “frozen”. It is always a good topic for conversation. When getting treated with Botox or Dysport for unwanted wrinkles, the goal should be to soften the appearance of these wrinkles. You should still be able to animate and make the facial expressions that you would normally make…obviously to a lesser degree but not to cessation. There is also the possibility that the deeper lines that are present when you are not animating may remain after treatment. You should be thoroughly evaluated at each visit for Botox or Dysport so that your injection specialist can tailor your treatment appropriately. While there are norms and averages for treating certain areas, there is no “cookie cutter” formula that works for everyone. It is also not an exact science in that the same amount will work the same way every single treatment. Careful selection of your injection specialist is very important in having a natural yet lasting result with these products.

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