Tummy Tuck or Liposuction: Which is Best for Your Muffin Top?

January 24, 2020

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Body fat is the nemesis of many people who want a sculpted body. No matter how hard you work on it, some stores of fat resist all toning efforts. And when you combine stubborn fat with loose skin and weak muscles, it can be nearly impossible to tone your midsection.

However, there are more treatment options than ever for eliminating the components of your muffin top, that dreaded waistline overhang. Liposuction and tummy tucks can address your muffin top, but which procedure produces the best results? In this blog, Dr. Andrew Gear at Providence Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina, breaks down both procedures to help you decide which one might be best for you.

Advantages of liposuction

The basic weight loss equation is simple: Consume fewer calories than you burn. But, you probably know it’s not as simple as that in practice. While exercise and diet will help you lose weight, it won’t help you get a sculpted look.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter which exercises you choose or what diets you follow, your body has its own ideas about priority when it comes to ridding your body of fat. In reality, you do the exercises, but your body chooses where it loses the weight.

Liposuction is a procedure designed to address localized fat deposits. It’s not a weight loss method, but it is a way of removing stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to exercise. So, if your muffin top stems from fatty deposits that won’t go away, then liposuction may be an effective solution for you.

Advantages of a tummy tuck

Other culprits besides fat deposits can contribute to your muffin top. Skin laxity increases as you age, losing its ability to bounce back as it did when you were young. If you’re now older and have lost a good deal of weight, you may have excess skin adding to your abdominal overhang. Pregnancies can also throw you a curveball, since it’s common for your abdominal muscles to separate. This can also contribute to looseness in your abdomen.

Loose skin and loose muscles are the primary targets for tummy tuck surgery. During the procedure, excess skin is cut away, and separated muscles are reconnected to give you a flatter abdomen. When your muffin top includes extra skin and loose muscles, then a tummy tuck could be a good option for you.

Combining liposuction and a tummy tuck

Is it possible to have all of these conditions conspiring against you? Absolutely. The good news is, a liposuction procedure and a tummy tuck can easily be combined. Dr. Gear and his team at Providence Plastic Surgery will give your muffin top a thorough analysis and recommend the best approach for you, whether it’s a liposuction procedure, a tummy tuck, or a combination of the two.

To see if liposuction or a tummy tuck can help you, book an appointment online or over the phone with Providence Plastic Surgery today.