Star Trek & Liposuction

January 24, 2020

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We have all watched Star Trek.  It was a wonderfully cheezy sci fi treat to watch as a kid.  Do you remember Dr McCoy, the on-board physician?  He had this hand held device he would pull out and pass over patient’s bodies to diagnose their ailments.

It was called the tricorder.  It was goofy at the time, but medicine has inched its way towards the use of such devices.  Wouldn’t it be great if liposuction could be done non-invasively with a tricordertype device?  No downtime, no pain, and fat loss!  Sounds to good to be true?  Well, sadly, it still is.  Liposuction and fat reduction technologies are the hottest and most lucrative segment of cosmetic medicine.  There are now a myriad of non-invasive technologies that claim to reduce fat with no downtime.

Here is a short list of those that are available:

  1. Zerona

  2. Coolsculpting

  3. Liposonix

  4. Vanquish

One device freezes fat (Coolsculpting).  Another uses ultrasound energy to rupture fat cells (Liposonix).  Yet another uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells.  Finally, one uses “low level laser energy” to poke a hole in the fat cell’s membrane, causing it to rupture and die.  Each device I referenced in the list has some merit and a modicum of scientific data behind their claims, particularly coolsculpting that is a byproduct of Harvard University.  That is the one I recommend when indicated.  None of these devices are a bona fide substitute for liposuction and are only effective for removal of small amounts of fat.  Liposuction is still king for fat removal for better and for worse.  A true non-invasive, 21st century, star trek technology for fat removal has yet to materialize…

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