New Controversial Diet Pill Has Two Stunning and Previously Unknown Side Effects

January 24, 2020

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I recently received an unsolicited email from a company hawking diet pills with this statement in the heading:


Being who I am, I could not resist commenting on this.  For starters, the “diet” industry is a multi-billion $ machine.  There is an ocean of desperate souls who want to shed weight and look better.  This is most true in America where processed foods are fueling an obesity epidemic.  Sadly, studies have shown that diets and diet pills are a temporary fix.  Many (or most people) gain the weight right back.  This can even be true following “weight loss surgery.”  I have had numerous patients eat right through their bypass or gastric sleeves.  One in particular used to consume chocolate syrup to bypass her new surgically altered stomach!

When viewing the emailed image provided by this company, two things struck me.  First, the patient has obviously had a breast augmentation.  Second, she has had filler placed in her lips.  Her tummy also looks altered, or at least her belly button does.  I am working under the assumption that this is NOT a byproduct of her diet pills.  When reviewing their website, it was abundantly clear that the before and after images provided at the top of the page included several other surgically altered women:

Four out of four women shown have had abdominoplasties (aka tummy tuck).

What red blooded woman would not want that sort of outcome following weight loss?  The harsh reality is that most attempts at dieting fail.  A true lifestyle change is what produces lasting results.  Furthermore, more radical improvements in body habitus or shape after weight loss does often require surgery as demonstrated by this company’s own advertising.  There are no shortcuts.

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