October 7, 2020

Parents are all familiar with the dreaded “diaper butt”.  It’s not an attractive sight.  Imagine if you were an adult, and you spent thousands of dollars on liposuction and fat grafting of the buttocks or Brazilian Buttlifting (BBL) only to achieve a similar aesthetic.  In BBL culture, a diaper butt is the pejorative term for an overstuffed butt that does not match the person’s frame.  It is over-projected, bulbous, unnatural looking, and frankly unattractive.  It does not evoke beauty.  You can spot these poor creatures from a hundred yards.  I attended the Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery in Miami last year (one of the premier meetings for plastic surgeons involved in aesthetic surgery), and I could see diapers butts waddling around the airport.  Miami and the Dominican Republic seem to be the surgical epicenter for diaper butts.

What causes a diaper butt after a BBL?  Two things.  First, social media, particularly Instagram, has fueled an almost pornographic obsession with big behinds.  This influences perception and cosmetic goals for BBL surgery.  Many people desiring a BBL are fixated on the size and want the maximum possible volume of fat placed.  Second, many plastic surgeons oblige the need by creating huge, cartoonish butts. 

The ancient Greeks defined beauty around balance, symmetry, and proper proportions.  Similarly, my approach to BBL surgery revolves around beauty and balance.  When the human eye sees a body part that is grossly out of proportion, we often react negatively and with suspicion.  As a true art form, liposuction and fat grafting should create better body balance and enhance beauty.  A tastefully executed BBL rejuvenates the female form, enhances femininity that is often damaged by pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and with age.  Much like breasts, buttocks can deflate and sag and lose their youthful shape.  Fat grafting can reverse this.  Furthermore, fat accumulates in undesired places due to aging, hormonal changes, etc, often creating a somewhat square, androgynous shape.  Liposuction reverses this process, restoring a more feminine and pleasing silhouette.  My goal for every BBL patient is to make them look and feel better and have their friends and family wonder why they look good without knowing why.  A diaper butt BBL defeats these goals.  If anyone comes to Providence Plastic Surgery in search of a diaper butt, I send them elsewhere.  Just so no to the diaper butt!