Is SAFELipo liposuction safe?

January 24, 2020

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The central concept behind SAFELipo is not new.  In the past, it has been referred to as “Liposhifting.”  In liposhifting, a rasp-like or cheese grater cannula was used to disrupt fat that was then molded and shifted to fill a soft tissue depression.  It has been used historically to fill contour irregularities or holes from prior liposuction procedures and is an alternative to fat grafting.  The SAFELipo technique was popularized and trademarked by Dr. Simeon Wall, a plastic surgeon from Shreveport, LA.  Dr. Wall cleverly hybridized liposuction with liposhifting and appears to produce excellent results (at least in his hands).  He claims a lower incidence of contour irregularities and improved skin contraction.  Both claims make sense.  The increases smoothness occurs due to having a large, mobile slurry of fat that functions as a fat graft that fills in the nooks and crannies created by fat removal.  The improved skin contraction has precedence from the fat grafting literature.  Dr. Sydney Coleman and others have noted improved skin quality and rejuvenation following fat grafting to the face.  As always, time will tell whether these results are long lasting.

So, what is safe about SAFELipo?  Well, it appears to be safer from a cosmetic standpoint.  Up to 20% of liposuction procedures are bedeviled by contour irregularities, and any technique that lowers this percentage is most welcome.  Is it safer medically?  No.  The safety of liposuction from a medical standpoint is still predicated by the patient’s general health and weight, along with duration of procedure and the amount of fat removed.  The longer you spend on the table, particularly under general anesthesia, the higher the risk of complications.  In addition, the more fat removed during liposuction, the higher the risk of complications.  This is one reason why most state medical boards limit the volume of fat that can be removed in a single surgery.  There is NO technique that bypasses these facts.

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