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BBL and tummy tuck

26 year old mother of four who underwent a combination of abdominoplasty and fat grafting of the buttocks for a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing figure.  Power assisted 360 liposuction was performed of the abdomen, hips and lower back and 700 cc of fat was placed into the buttocks using the Wells Johnson system.

Mastopexy revision

45 year old woman who underwent a previous inferior pedicle breast reduction.  Due to an over 100 lb weight loss following surgery, her breast became deflated and pancake-like.  Here she is 3 months after a mastopexy revision.

Breast fat grafting

37 y/o mother of two who desired a natural and subtle breast with fat rather than an implant.  Furthermore, in addition to her desire for a cup size increase in volume, she had a size asymmetry (with the left side being smaller than the right) which she wanted corrected.  She underwent power assisted liposuction of …

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Breast augmentation

32 year year old mother of one who wanted a breast enhancement. She underwent a submuscular, dual plane breast augmentation with a 450 cc high profile, saline Mentor breast implant via an inframammary approach. She went from a 32B to a 32D cup size.

Breast augmentation

26 year old mother of one who desired additional breast fullness for better body balance.  She is 6 weeks post submuscular, dual plane breast augmentation via an inframammary approach with a 450 cc high profile silicone Mentor implant inserted atraumatically with a Keller funnel.

Brazilian buttock lift

32 y/o mother of two who is six weeks post BBL with 750 cc grafted into each side. She had reasonable buttock volume pre-op but disliked her hip dips and now they are gone. She does have a small umbilical hernia and rectus diastasis and a tummy tuck is planned for stage 2. This is …

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Saline breast augmentation

25 year old women without kids who desired a breast augmentation.  She is 5’9 and weighs 141 lbs with a small B cup breast.  She underwent a dual plane, submuscular breast augmentation via an IMF incision using a 450 cc high profile Mentor saline device.  She is six weeks post procedure.

Abdominoplasty + 360 liposuction

48 year old mother of 4 who underwent an abdominoplasty in addition to 360 liposuction (which includes the abdomen, hips, and and upper and lower back).  She is at the 6 week mark in these photographs.

Fat grafting of the breast

66 year old woman who underwent breast rejuvenation due to deflation and ptosis in the aftermath of serial pregnancies and massive weight loss.  She desired a lift and augmentation without implants.  A vertical pedicle breast lift was used which removes tissue from the redundant lower pole and fat was grafted into the upper pole to …

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