Cases in Breast Lift

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52 year old woman with long pendulous breasts who desired rejuvenation in the form of a breast lift.  Rather than a skin only lift which does not improve projection and lacks durability, a vertical pedicle lift and small reduction was performed in which a small wedge of tissue is removed below the nipple.  The resulting …

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Superior pedicle breast lift

A beautiful mother of two underwent a mommy makeover which included a breast lift and reduction to relieve symptoms of macromastia and improve her breast aesthetics.  She underwent a superior pedicle breast lift and reduction.  This involves removing a triangular wedge of tissue below the nipple and suturing the newly created pillars together to improve …

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Mastopexy revision

45 year old woman who underwent a previous inferior pedicle breast reduction.  Due to an over 100 lb weight loss following surgery, her breast became deflated and pancake-like.  Here she is 3 months after a mastopexy revision.

Breast Lift – Case 5

47 y/o woman with deflated and ptotic breasts following serial pregnancies and surgically-induced massive weight loss. Here she is 6 months following mastopex augmentation with a vertical pattern lift and submuscular placement of 250 cc moderate plus Mentor gel implants.

Breast Lift – Case 4

40 y/o woman who is 3 months s/p a superior pedicle breast lift/reduction. The superior pedicle technique provides better aesthetics and long term durability of shape versus skin only or inferior pedicle techniques.


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