Cases in Brazilian Butt Lift

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Two stage BBL

36 year old mother of three who underwent a two stage fat grafting of the buttocks (aka BBL) where 850 cc was placed at stage one and 6 months later another 600 cc was placed.  As always, the Wells Johnson “high volume precision autograft system” or HVP was used to ensure safe grafting and results that …

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Skinny BBL

A subtle and elegant result can be obtained for even thinner patients to create a more feminine silhouette and improve buttock projection.  It does take precision and experience and if more difficult than a standard larger volume BBL but it can be done.  This patient is 28 y/o and 5’2 and 130 lbs.  She has …

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Brazilian buttock lift

32 y/o mother of two who is six weeks post BBL with 750 cc grafted into each side. She had reasonable buttock volume pre-op but disliked her hip dips and now they are gone. She does have a small umbilical hernia and rectus diastasis and a tummy tuck is planned for stage 2. This is …

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Brazilian buttock lift

44 year old mother of four who wanted restoration of more youthful and feminine curves and additional volume in her buttocks using fat grafting which combines the best of two worlds:  body body contouring through liposuction and augmentation with the world’s best natural filler, fat.  360 liposuction (abdomen, hips and lower back) was performed using …

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Fat grafting of the buttocks

27 year old woman who desired better buttock aesthetics including more projection.  Liposuction and fat grafting of the buttocks in thinner patients requires great skill and precision to harvest an adequate amount of fat without creating contour issues.  Here she is 6 months after a BBL in which 325 cc of fat was placed into …

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Brazilian buttlift

26 y/o who underwent fat grafting of the buttocks using fat harvested from the abdomen, hips and lower back.  700 cc was injected into each buttock using the Well Johnson auto-infuser system to re-inject the fat under lower pressure than standard syringe injections.  She is 6 weeks post-procedure and has a better silhouette and curves …

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Brazilian Buttlift

41 y/o nurse and mother who two who underwent 360 liposuction including the abdomen, hips and upper and lower back along with fat grafting of the buttocks (aka Brazilian buttlift) using the Well Johnson HPV auto-infusion system for large volume fat transfer.  The Well Johnson system is state of the art for fat transfer as …

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Brazilian buttlift

26 year old woman who underwent power assisted 360 degree liposuction (upper and lower abdomen, hips and lower back) with fat grafting of the buttocks (aka BBL).  650 cc was placed into the right buttock and 600 cc was placed into the left buttock using the Wells Johnson auto-graft system.  The Wells Johnson system is …

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