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According to polls, 90% of women have cellulite, and nearly half of them, 49%, are bothered “a great deal” or “a lot” by the appearance of this condition. Cellulite may be completely normal and may affect women of all ages and sizes, and it is something that many women would like to eliminate. Diet and exercise do not work on cellulite because it is not a “fat” problem. It is a condition caused by the fibrous septae that connect the skin to underlying muscle.

QWO® is an FDA-approved injectable that works better than many of the treatments that have come before it, in particular because it targets the bands that pull the skin inward against fat cells.

The best candidates for QWO are women with moderate to severe buttocks cellulite. At this time, the buttocks is the only area for which the drug is approved.

Women who are interested in QWO for the removal of cellulite dimples can determine how well this treatment will work for them by confirming that their dimpling is not related to skin laxity. Some degree of tissue laxity and thinning are involved in the development of cellulite. However, sometimes, what appears to be dimples is shadowing and rippling that is limited to the skin alone and does not involve the fibrous bands of connective tissue beneath.

Want to know if your cellulite is true cellulite? Gently lift the skin above an indentation. If the dimple disappears, your problem may be laxity and not cellulite. That said, our experienced provider can look at your skin and confirm the potential effects that are possible for you.

QWO is not appropriate for men nor for women with a bleeding condition, infection in the treatment area, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding.During your consultation for treatment, it is important to tell your provider all of the medications and supplements you take, including herbal supplements and vitamins, so they can ensure that QWO is safe for you.

QWO contains enzymes called collagenases. These enzymes target the collagen that forms the fibrous septae attached to the skin. By breaking down the collagen in the bands, QWO releases the skin and also redistributes the fat cells around the dimple so the skin can become smooth and even.
No. QWO injections are administered using a very small needle. The buttocks is an area of the body that holds a fair amount of fat, even in thin patients, so the sensation of injections is mild. A subtle pinching sensation may be felt as injections are administered around individual cellulite dimples.
Bruising is the most common and significant side effect of QWO injectable cellulite treatment. For this reason, the best way that patients can prepare is to avoid the use of supplements and medications that thin the blood. Products like aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, and others should be avoided beginning two weeks before QWO injections.

The provider begins QWO treatment by first marking the defined and evident dimples in the buttocks area. This is done when the patient is standing and their buttocks muscles are relaxed. Photos may be taken prior to treatment, as well, so we can observe the degree of improvement over the course of treatment.

With the patient lying on her stomach on the treatment table, the provider injects QWO into the subcutaneous layer of fat around each identified cellulite dimple. We generally treat six or twelve dimples in one appointment. Injections take only about 10 minutes, after which the patient remains lying on the table for 5 minutes to allow the product to absorb in the treatment area.

Patients need not take time off to recover from QWO injections. However, soreness and bruising are expected side effects. Bruising, in particular, can be relatively severe after the initial appointment. It is believed that this could be due to the effect of the QWO enzymes on blood vessels surrounding the injection sites. Bruising looks worse than it feels. To minimize the side effect and prevent worsening, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity that involves the lower body. Within a few days, all normal activities can resume.
“Dr. Gear was amazing! Explained everything that would happen and made me feel so comfortable! All the nurses were amazing as well! So kind and helpful! I would recommend this place over and over again.”—Rachel K.

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