Each time you express happiness, anger or sadness, the facial muscles create wrinkles. When you’re young, those wrinkles are temporary. With age, however, these wrinkles become permanent causing us to look angry or sad, tired and old. BOTOX® or DYSPORT can reverse this process. Both BOTOX® or DYSPORT are FDA-approved derivatives of botulinum toxin that relax the facial musculature between the eyes, on the forehead and around the eyes. Following treatment, these annoying wrinkles begin to fade and disappear in a matter of days. Results can last three months or longer.
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Dermal Fillers

With age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin and our face loses volume, causing the skin to look dry and saggy. One non-invasive way to camouflage these biologic changes is through the use of injectable fillers. Most men and women can benefit from soft tissue fillers.
Over the last 10 years, there have been an ever expanding number of injectable products to address wrinkles and volume loss in areas such as the lips, cheeks, tear trough, jawline and hands. Through their faithful use, facial surgery such as facelifts, necklifts, eyelid and brow lifts can avoided or delayed. Injectable fillers like Rest and Juve, voluma, sculptra, kysse are helping men and women look more youthful and restored.
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Filler Options

One of the most commonly used filler are hyaluronic acid derivates, a naturally occurring substance in the extracellular matrix. Hyaluronic acid fillers include Restalyn and Juvederm……. These can be used to fill in lines on the face including the nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth) or marionette lines (the lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the chin), augment lips or replace volume loss in the cheeks, jawline and lower eye area (tear trough). The results can last from 6 months to a year. The procedure can take 30-60 minutes. Numbing cream is applied to ease discomfort. Results are immediate.
Sculptra, a filler made from polylactic acid, can be used to treat facial wrinkles, volume loss and lipoatrophy. Like Radiesse, Sculptra stimulates collagen production, gradually plumping up thinning skin. The improvement created by Sculptra is not immediate and takes weeks and months to see final results. Multiple treatments are required, at last 3-6 total spaced 3-4 weeks apart. Final results last up to 2 years. Sculptra is an ideal option for thin skinned patients who need a subtle restoration of the face caused by age-related skin and soft tissue atrophy.


AquaGold is a gold-plated system used to painlessly delivers various customized skin therapies. Each needle deposits skin treatments at a dept of 600 microns which has been found to be ideal. AquaGold can be used with Botox or Dysport to reduce the appearance of pores in the skin, plump skin with Hyaluronic acid like Juvederm or Restylane. The global effect is refreshed and younger-looking skin.
This is a painless procedure lasting about 30 minutes with minimal to no downtime. This can be done as a single treatment prior to an important event or as a series of treatments.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat find spider or reticular veins. Spider veins are very fine red or blue vessels that are superficial, close to the skin surface. They do not bulge like varicose veins. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a sclerosing solution into the affected veins with a very fine needle.
At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, we use Asclera® solution for sclerotherapy. Asclera is a sclerosing agent that is injected directly into the unwanted vein and works by damaging the endothelial vessel lining, causing clotting and eventual vein destruction. It can take weeks to see final results and multiple sessions are often required 2 weeks apart.


KYBELLA is the first FDA-approved injectable designed to target submental fat, otherwise known as a double chin. Kybella is an excellent option for healthy men and women who are bothered by submental fat but don’t want liposuction surgery. Kybella typically requires 2 or more treatments with full results shown in a few weeks.


Is a condition that leads to abnormal sweating. It most commonly appears in the armpits and can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, we have several excellent options for sweat reduction. Botox or Dysport can be injected into the affected areas to temporarily block excessive sweating. It’s a procedure that takes about 60 minutes with full results in about a week and results last 6+ months.
A more recent and state of the art option for permanent treatment of hyperhidrosis involves the use of Radio frequency energy. At least 2 treatments are required but the results are permanent. Each treatment takes about 60 minutes and uses numbing cream.
“I had lip filler and botox and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Everyone in the office is extremely professional and helpful in explaining the different procedures etc. Also it’s very affordable, love their pricing. Don’t hesitate, book an appointment ASAP! You won’t be sorry you did. In fact once you go in you’ll probably think why in the heck did I wait so long!” — Lucy C.

QWO® Cellulite Treatment

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QWO® is a painless, FDA-approved injectable that targets and eliminates stubborn cellulite in the buttocks area. Injections take only ten minutes to perform, making this treatment quick, easy, and friendly for your schedule — there’s no downtime!

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