Get Sexy Smooth Skin this Summer with Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of constantly having an internal conversation about whether or not you can wait one more day to wax or shave, there’s good news. You can enjoy sexy smooth skin all summer without having to mess with razors or depilatory creams!

At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, our team of expert aesthetic specialists routinely provide laser hair removal. Just a few sessions can substantially reduce unsexy stubble, leaving your body smooth, sleek, and ready for the beach. Nationwide, over one million laser hair removal procedures are completed each year, making this the fourth most requested, non-invasive aesthetic procedure.

How can a laser treatment reduce body hair?

Laser technology literally harnesses the power of light and uses it to target hair follicles in a carefully concentrated pulse of energy. As the laser passes over your freshly shaved skin, the melanin in the hair tip heats up, and the heat travels down to the hair follicle. This impedes the growth of a new hair.

You can see that your hair grows back more slowly than usual within the first few weeks of treatment. With repeated sessions, you can achieve optimal results, and your sessions can be spaced further and further apart. Two of the most common places to remove hair is on the legs and in the armpits in fact, over 30 million Americans a year spend hard-earned money on hair removal products. With laser hair removal, though, you can get results that last in exchange for your cash.

Your first laser hair removal session

You’ll want to shave the day before your session, so the hairs are short. Wear something comfortable the day of, and remember you’ll need to remove clothing that covers the area you are having treated. Make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry, free from fragrance, moisturizer, or deodorant.  

Both you and the aesthetician will wear protective glasses during the treatment. He’ll pass the laser slowly over the surface of your skin, targeting multiple hair follicles on each pass. The device is equipped with cooling technology, as well, so it cannot burn you, but you might feel a slight warmth or stinging sensation as the hair follicles heat and cool quickly. Your session should take less than an hour.   

After your session

Most people go back to their normal activities within an hour of the treatment. You might have a little skin irritation or swelling, but these will go away quickly. For best results, you’ll need multiple sessions. At your initial consultation, an aesthetician can give you an idea of how many sessions and how many weeks of treatment you’ll require to achieve the results you want. The thickness, texture, and color of your body hair can all affect your personalized treatment plan.

Ready to say goodby to razors and wax strips? Call Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center at 704-912-4886 to book a visit with us today, or make an appointment online.

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