Cases in Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Fit and healthy mother of three who underwent a subfacial breast augmentation in 2017 by another plastic surgeon.  Her implants quickly bottomed out leading to a “rock in a sock” deformity.  This was corrected using a superior pedicle technique which excises lower breast tissue that is then sutured together to better cone the breast and …

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Mastopexy augmentation

39 year old mother of two who underwent a mastopexy augmentation with a 250 cc saline Mentor implant and superior pedicle, circumvertical (aka lollypop) skin pattern.  The vertical pedicle technique creates better coning of the breast and better longevity than a skin only pattern.  She is 6 weeks post-procedure in the after images.

Masopexy augmentation

36 year old mother of two who has long and pendulous breasts and loss of breast volume after her pregnancies.  This was addressed using a vertical pedicle mastopexy with removal of redundant tissue below the nipple to provide better shape and longevity of the lift along with placement of a 350 cc moderate plus saline …

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Mastopexy augmentation with fat

66 year old woman who had a mommy makeover after two children and massive weight loss (close to 100 lbs) through diet and exercise.  She underwent a vertical style mastopexy and reduction with a vertical wedge resection of redundant tissue below the nipple and suturing of the residual pillars ate create a better, more cone-like …

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Breast Augmentation with Lift – Case 5

31 y/o woman who previously underwent an augmentation with circumareolar mastopexy by another surgeon that was complicated by recurrent ptosis and bottoming out. Here she is 6 weeks following a revision mastopexy using a inverted anchor skin pattern along with a small resection of breast tissue below the nipple.

Breast Augmentation with Lift – Case 2

35 y/o woman underwent a mastopexy augmentation in 2015 that was complicated by implant malposition of the left implant into the left armpit. Here she is 6 months after a revision augmentation which included placement of 600 cc high profile Mentor gel implants and a left capsulorrhaphy


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