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Hyperhidrosis: an evolution of therapy

Sweating is a normal physiological functional of the body and is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system in conjunction with eccrine sweat glands in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues.  For people with hyperhidrosis, sweat is produced uncontrollably irrespective of temperature or physical exertion or emotional state.  It creates embarrassment and interferes with daily activities.  The …

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Your Doctor Has You Covered

Healthcare is all about exams, right? Not so much. Even in the most basic realms of doctors, there are small variances that need to be noticed. For example, the care that is obtained for a child may revolve around prevention. Older adults may have different needs based on age-related changes or certain medications they are …

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Are You Seeing Red?

Brushing your teeth is something you do every day. Because you stand at the sink every morning and night, it is possible that you may miss some important clues to your oral health. Should you look into the sink after brushing and notice a little red or pink mixed in with your toothpaste, there is …

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